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InfoArt 2009 - Inside

The second part of the exhibition project "outside-inside" took place during the "Sommerloch" exhibition '09 at the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe. From 15th till 19th July many works from the Department of Media Arts/Digital Media/InfoArt were shown.

Pirates 2.0

The next project is the night happening "Pirates 2.0" on February 7th 2008. It will start at dusk on the premises of the Rhine harbor in Karlsruhe. Impressive installations and performances from a variety of artistic fields will be presented. The site presents interesting challenges to the exhibition concept. Silent tracks, different architectural styles, natural steppe and mountain of scrap characterize the environment of the basin. The varied ambience allows for much room for boundless experimentation.

GameLab - Sommerloch 2011

This year's summer exhibition of the Department InfoArt was dominated by the GameLab. The GameLab at the Institute for Postdigital Narrativity at the HfG is a label for media art, which deals with the media game and the contemporary game culture. The profile is characterized by artistic production and research on game art, retro games, serious games, machinima, augmented reality and stereoscopy. The game concept has been extended and this border crossing is the area of ​​research. The GameLab was founded in 2010 by Prof. Michael Bielicky, Jens Stober and Adam Rafinski.

Go Public: Outside

The Department of Digital Media at the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe has shown positions of young artists in the Monastery Ruins Frauenalb under the title "Outside". The exhibition was a great success and was numerously attended despite rainy weather. It was already the seventh interactive exhibition of "GoPublic". Their works have been shown in Prague, Bangkok, Barcelona and many other major cities around the world. The basic idea is to establish art which is accessible in public spaces. The concept was initiated by Prof. Michael Bielicky.

Go Public - Riding A Train

The project "Riding a Train" is the second event of the HfG Seminar Go Public. This time the venue is Karlsruhe main station. Students of the Departments Digital Media/InfoArt and Communicationdesign show conceptually, analog and digitally realized works at various locations in the station. The aim of the project is to reinvent the station as a cultural space. In the words of Prof. Michael Bielicky "Go Public / Riding A Train" is an experimental event as well as an unconventional attempt to confront the people in the train station with art.

Go public - Guerilla screening

"Get out of the HfG!" This was the motto of the seminar "Go Public” initiated by Prof. Michael Bielicky, who has been teaching at the HfG since winter term 2006/2007. He invited Digital Media / InfoArt students to realize their creative ideas in public space. One project of this seminar is called "Go Public / Guerilla Screening" and can be seen on 09.02.2007 at 18.00 o’clock on the Marktplatz (market square) in Karlsruhe. Using two projectors, power generators and notebooks artistic works will be projected on the surrounding houses.

2007 - Projektionen in Prag

On July 24th, 2007 InfoArt students projected their works on facades of Prague. Video by


The Department of Media Arts | InfoArt presented the exhibition project 2Media Circus” at the annual exhibition SOMMERLOCH of the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe.

Go Public - Night Ride

For one night, surrounded by nature a media art landscape emerged, which offered a wide range of performance and installations. The experiments with images, light and sounds extended over the entire park. A glowing control system marked the paths between stations. Numerous opportunities to participate and test actively opened a completely new perspective and interest for art to many visitors.

Stay Public - wald halt

On 28. January 2010 the Digital Media Division of the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe showed positions of young artists in a forest area near Schöllbronn under the title "Wald halt - a multi-media Black Forest Idyll". For one night, the silence of the forest was turned into a multimedia art exhibition. "Wald halt" (“just forest”) surpassed all previous technical and organizational effort. The exhibition was accessible only by car, with the free shuttle service or a long hike through the dark forest. Under the direction of Prof.

English Nachtwandlung

The Najadenwäldchen, east of the Schlossplatz was transformed into an arts park with digital media. "Nachtwandlung" (conversion night) showed the best short-term projects of the past year made by thirteen students. For one night an arts landscape emerged amidst nature, which offered a wide range of performance and installations. Its philosophy is the presentation of media art in a broad public - outside of museum exhibition space and interactive options.

Open Doors – an interactive arts project in Karlsruhe’s urban space

INSTALLATIONS, WORKSHOPS, ARTISTIC RESEARCH From September 2. till 11. the exhibition presented interactive installations, workshops and performances in Karlsruhe's urban space. Installations by Jens Stober, Jan Cordes, Marianne Schmidt and Hedi Haase  were shown in the urban space. The concept that deals with the topics "door" / "entrance" or "passage" was developed in Prof. Michael Bielicky's seminar "LOCKPICKING" and was sponsored by Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH + Co KG. The wide and varied interpretation of the theme showed works of different artistic approaches.

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